We love hosting guests, and we want you to have a great time. By booking our place, you agree that you read the rental agreement and house rules and that you and your guests will comply with them. Feel free to contact us before booking if you have any questions. We look forward to hosting your group. See you soon, the team @Capital Jetset

RESERVATIONS: Guests must be 21 years or older to check-in without a parent or legal guardian. A valid ID must be provided at booking.

CHECK-IN INSTRUCTIONS: These will be sent to you by email, you are responsible for accessing this information prior to your arrival. Call us in advance if you have any questions. Our office is open every day from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. After hours you can always send an email or a text message.

FACEMASKS ARE MANDATORY IN ALL COMMUNAL AREAS- the use of masks is MANDATORY when outside of the unit to protect everyone’s health and safety. The use of a mask is not voluntary, it is mandatory by law.

OCCUPANCY – Guests will use the property only for the dates and times determined in the reservation. The occupancy of the property (reservation dates) begins on the date and time established for check-in and is completed on the check-out date and established time. Unless a previous late check out is agreed by Capital Jetset and the guest(s) in writing, guests are expected to leave the premises on this established check out date and time. Guest(s) acknowledges that in case they refuse to leave the premises on the established check-out time and date, they will be prosecuted by the law under the "Ley de Hoteleros de 1995 de Puerto Rico" and further charges for trespassing private property will be applied. Guest(s) acknowledge that they will be liable for all costs including but not limited to legal procedures, administration fees, and other expenses, incurred by Capital Jetset, its representatives, buildings or communities, and property owners in case of a guest(s) required eviction.

Guest(s) shall not use, occupy, or permit the described premises or any part thereof to be used or occupied by third parties or for any unlawful, illegal, immoral, or hazardous purpose.

All guests are expected to be respectful of residents, personnel, neighbors, and all living creatures while staying at the property and building. We have zero-tolerance for disrespectful, rude, loud, or violent visitors. We have the right to cancel reservations that cause any threats, situations that disrupt the community's well-being or involve the police. In these rare cases, guests will be escorted out of the property at the moment and no refunds will be granted.

MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF GUESTS ALLOWED-The maximum occupancy in your apartment is stated on your reservation, no additional guests may stay overnight at risk of having your reservation canceled without a refund. Do not give door access codes or keys to strangers. The person booking is responsible for any damages, keep this in mind when allowing others to stay at the property.

EARLY CHECK-INS are not guaranteed. It is ultimately up to the host to approve any check-ins before the agreed time. An accepted request to book does not mean your early check-in time was approved. You will need to send us a message asking us if you can check in early.

LATE CHECKOUTS must be approved by the management team. If you stay past your check-out time without approval, you will automatically be charged for the next nights’ stay at the listing’s full price.


Credit Cards: You acknowledge that you have read the description of the property and have clarified any questions with our staff before booking. Situations arise: Our promise to our guests is that we will remediate any issues within the first 24 hours of checking in. We will not refund reservations when there has been no mistake on our part such as confusion on what we offer in our listings by the guest's side. Clarify any doubts before booking. We are here for you.

PayPal: When paying with PayPal, your account and your address must be verified and confirmed on the PayPal platform in order for us to accept your booking. This information can be seen on your PayPal account under Profile and under Notifications. By booking our apartment, you acknowledge the previous clause (Credit Cards), our Terms and Conditions, will provide a credit card for the Deposit on the property, and will not seek any type of chargebacks with PayPal or your bank after your check out date.

*A valid identification matching the card used and your PayPal address will be requested upon booking.

* You must be verified by our partners at Superhog at before receiving check-in instructions.

SECURITY DEPOSIT - A security deposit will be retained. This security deposit will be returned 24 hours after the checkout date given that there are no major damages to the property.

PARTIES / QUIET HOURS-The complex enforces a strict no-parties/noise violation policy. A noise detection sensor installed in the unit notifies us of high decibel levels. Loud music or a party occurs at over 75 decibels. We will provide one notification when the system detects over 75 decibels over 10 minutes and if the event occurs again, our staff reserves the right to cancel the reservation and request your immediate check out of the property. No refunds will be granted. Breaking this rule will result in a $200 fine. Quiet hours start at 10 pm until 10 am.

CANCELLATION POLICY – Review the cancellation policy that applies to your reservation. Same-day cancellations will incur the full charge of the reservation cost; therefore, no refunds will be granted in this case. We are not liable for flight cancellations, travel delays, or any situations that may cause a lost reservation. We are not responsible for certain amenities that the building manages; in case of pool, gym, or beach access closure, no refunds will be granted. Although in some special cases we may be able to be flexible, changes or discounts on the reservation cannot be guaranteed.

SMOKING-This is a non-smoking property. This includes vapes/e-cigarettes and hookas. Breaking this rule will result in a $300 additional charge and potentially the additional cost that is incurred by losing the next guest’s reservation because we cannot eliminate the odor in time for the next booking. A smoke sensor installed in the unit notifies us of smoking inside the property. There are no exceptions to Cannabis even with a license. Incense and candles are also prohibited.

CLEANING-Our cleaning fee is based on a courteous guest (e.g. someone who cleans up after themselves, cleans dishes, takes the trash out, leaves the place as they found it, etc.). This is NOT a hotel; it is a vacation rental. If the housekeeping crew discovers an unreasonable mess post-checkout, we will charge an additional fee of $100. Any bodily fluid stains on linens or furniture will incur in additional charges beginning at $25 apiece.

LOST KEYS OR GARAGE CLICKERS- Cost to replace the following items: Electronic building key fobs $75 each, lost garage clicker $100 each, building keys $150 each. Please keep them safe.

PROPERTY DAMAGES INCLUDING LOSS: During the reservation period, all damages to the home or negligence resulting in damage to the property or building or loss of contents will be paid by the guest no less than 24 hours after check out. Guest acknowledges and accepts that Capital Jetset has the right to charge the guest's credit card on file for these damages.

POOL- When applicable. The following will cause residents or guests a fine, please avoid them; Using the pool during closed hours, having food, glass, or alcohol at the pool, using the elevators soaking wet, or walking through the lobby or hallways undressed. Shirt and shoes are required for walking in the lobby. No smoking allowed. Use the beach gate to access the building from the beach.

PARKING- When applicable. No parking for visitors. Park in assigned space only. Using an unauthorized parking $100 administration charge and may also incur a police ticket.

LAUNDRY- Please, do not hang clothes or towels out of doors and windows. Follow the washing and drying machine instructions. We are not responsible for the machines, contact the service number in case of refunds.

PETS. We know that pets and assistance animals, whether a service animal or an emotional support animal, play an important role in a guest’s ability to travel. However, the safety and health of our guests, neighbors, and building personnel is the number one priority for us. There are two important factors to consider; First, our listing is located in a building (not a single home) and consists of multiple shared spaces, including but not limited to; the lobby, elevators, pool, hallways, stairs, laundry area, etc. It also has a no pet policy; therefore, an assistance animal or pet could create a health or safety hazard for other neighbors, building guests, or building personnel. Secondly, our immediate family and Housekeeping personnel suffer from respiratory conditions. Pets or animals may trigger allergies and /or other respiratory issues, in order to keep everyone’s health and safety as a number one priority, we respectfully advise all guests who are traveling with pets and/or service animals to search for specific listings that may be suitable for their needs. Evidence of the presence of pets and/or animals will result in a charge of $250 fee because we will need to incur in deep cleaning & sanitization services from a 3rd party.

PACKAGES-We do not allow guests to order or mail/packages to this location for privacy reasons. If you attempt to have something delivered to this address, it will be rejected by the leasing office and we are not held responsible for its whereabouts.

LOST OR LEFT BEHIND ITEMS- All property of the guest(s) placed or stored in or about the premises are at the risk of the guest(s). Guest(s) shall hold the host and his real estate agents harmless from any damage or losses suffered from theft, burglary, break-ins, or damage caused by fire, water, or otherwise. Guest(s) acknowledges that Capital Jetset and its agents are not responsible for items left at the property after check out.

EMERGENCIES- In case of an emergency, first stay calm, then call us. If it's a life-threatening emergency call 911. The security guards at the property may also be of assistance as they also keep emergency phone numbers available at their desks. Your address is located on your reservation confirmation email.

ADDITIONAL FEES- Guest acknowledges and accepts to have their card on file charged for any and all additional charges incurred during the time of their reservation. This includes community fines, late check-outs, additional nights, damages to the property, replacement of lost property items, or ordered amenities.

LIABILITY - To the fullest extent allowed by law, guest(s) agrees that the host or agents under this contract shall not be liable for damage or injury to the person or property of the Guest(s) or that of family, guests, visitors or associates, resulting from any accident in the premises or by theft, fire, hurricane, earthquake, storms, any act of GOD or any other cause. All property of the guest(s) placed or stored in or about the premises are at the risk of the guest(s). Guest(s) shall hold the host and his real estate agents harmless from any damage or losses suffered from theft, burglary, break-ins, or damage caused by fire, water, or otherwise.

INDEMNITY– To the fullest extent allowed by law, guest(s) will indemnify and hold HOST, agents, and HOST’s Property, including the leased Property free and harmless from any liability for injury to or death of any person, including guest(s), or for damage to Property arising from guest(s) ’s, using and occupying the Property or from the act or omission of any person or persons, including guest(s), in or about the Property with guest(s) ’s express or implied consent.


By booking this property, you have read, understood, and agreed to all these house rules, terms, and conditions.

You agree to pay all charges incurred by you or your guests during your stay in the property and to settle your account before leaving the property.

You have read the terms & conditions governing your stay in the property, contacted the company prior to your booking to clear any doubts regarding your booking.

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